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Protect even from nuclear ash: how the newest S-550 complex works

Thus, TASS military observer Dmitry Litovkin wrote that the most probable principle of the system’s operation is kinetic interception of targets. This is a fairly advanced method that even avoids the formation of “nuclear ash” over the heads of the inhabitants of Russia in the event of an interception of enemy missiles.

Everything burned in the plasma cloud – decoy decoys and the warheads themselves. Thus, the “nuclear ash” when using past models still fell on the country. The S-550, logically speaking, will operate on a different principle – kinetic interception. Dmitry Litovkin

According to the specialist, the S-550 may well become “the development of the A-135 system. She, in turn, although it will remain on alert, but at the same time will be replenished with a new echelon of long-range transatmospheric intercept missiles A-235 “Nudol”, as well as its mobile counterpart.

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