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Promate XWatch R19: Sporty look..long battery life, tough for any condition

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Promate XWatch R19 was launched by the company in India some time ago. It has been much talked about because of its battery life and design. We have been using this smartwatch for a long time. We are telling you its complete review here.

There are many features provided in Promate XWatch R19 that you may like. You may like its durable design and battery life very much. The design of the phone has been made sporty. It can also be used rough.

1.53-inch large screen

This smartwatch has been introduced with metallic chassis. The watch gives a sporty feel, youngsters may especially like it. It has been given IP67 rating for water and dust resistant. In this you get a large 1.53-inch screen.

Its resolution is 360×360 pixels. Crown buttons are provided on the sides of the phone. With this you can control the watch. This smartwatch will not disappoint even fitness lovers. It has been provided with basic health features like oxygen saturation to blood pressure detection features.

To control the watch, you have to download XWatchApp in your phone. With this you can control most of the functionalities of the watch. In daily use, the smartwatch provides you fitness metrics which are almost as good as premium smartwatches. That means you can trust its fitness metrics.
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It also has Bluetooth control call functionality so that you can make calls from the watch also. Like other smartwatches, you can also control music with it.

The most special thing about the watch is its battery life. It has a battery of 800mAh. Once fully charged, it runs smoothly for 10-12 days. You can buy it from e-commerce site Amazon.

What should I buy?

The price of Promate XWatch R19 has been kept at Rs 5,999 on Amazon. In such a situation, if you want a sporty looking smartwatch whose battery can easily last for 10 days, then you can go with this. However, its price could have been slightly lower.

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