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Production of multimedia systems for cars will begin in Russia

The Russian mobile operator MTS will start producing its own multimedia system for cars in Russia in 2023. According to “Kommersant”the multimedia system will have a touch screen and built-in navigation.

The production of multimedia systems is planned to be established in Tver, while the components will be purchased in China. It is possible that production will be carried out at the tablet assembly plant, which was launched a year ago by the large electronics manufacturer Aquarius.

MTS plans to produce more than 10,000 multimedia systems per year, supplying them to domestic and Chinese automakers. There are very few details about the system so far. There is evidence that it will run on a Linux operating system, which will limit its functionality, according to one source. A variant on Linux combined with Android is also possible if MTS receives Google’s approval. Such devices can communicate with smartphones, but this will require certification from Apple and Google.

“It will have a touch screen on which you can set up music, navigation, air conditioning, etc. In addition, smartphones on Android or iPhone must be connected to the system,” said one of the sources in the auto parts market.

In 2019, MTS sold devices on the Yandex.Auto platform under its own brand, which were suitable for Lada, Toyota, Volkswagen and other brands, but in 2020 support for these systems ceased.


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