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Production and consumption of the world’s most developed countries have killed nearly two million people

Most of the early deaths were seen in China (1.195 million) and India (0.907 million). Interestingly, these same countries influenced the death rate in other states. In addition to them, the USA, Russia, Indonesia played an important role.

Also 11 countries that are members of the G20, provoked more than 50 percent of early deaths abroad. In China, the proportion of deaths was 7.6%, in India – 13%, in the USA – 62%, in Russia – 38%, in Indonesia – 13%, in Canada – 85%, in Saudi Arabia – 96%.

Speaking specifically about America, consumption in it caused 38.7 thousand premature deaths in China, 12.9 thousand in India, 3.9 thousand in Mexico, 2.1 thousand in Russia, 2.1 thousand in Bangladesh. , Philippines – 1.5 thousand. In addition, in the States themselves, 52.9 thousand residents died ahead of schedule.

Scientists have calculated that 28 consumers from the G20 countries can provoke the early death of one person in the world. And China will play the greatest role in this regard.

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