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Private talk on Smartphone will become junk, only this setting can save

Smartphone Hacking: If you make confidential things from the front while making phone calls, it does a lot of things in which information is hidden, then now you should become a little conscious Because your smartphone keeps listening to you. You will not even know, but your personal things will be reaching another person in real time. If you want your personal things not reached another person, then it is necessary that some important setting is turned on in the smartphone. If you are not aware of this setting, today we are going to tell you about it in detail.

which is this setting

The settings we are talking about, you can actually activate them in your smartphone, for this you do not need to seek the help of an expert but You can do this setting yourself and make your calling encrypted. This method is quite easy but most people do not know about it. Today we are going to tell you the correct process so that you can keep your calling safe.

What is the process

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If you want your calling to be safe, then first you have to go to your smartphone setting. After this you have to click on the privacy and setting options. Now you will see the label of microphone here. If you do not want to give microphone access to all apps, then you should turn off their toggle. This process is for iPhone users.

If you are an Android user, you have to go to the setting first, then click on Privacy and Security Options. After this you go to the privacy option and here you can see which app you have given permission of microphone. Now you can easily stop this permission.


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