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Prince’s affair, medical records tampered, condition critical… 3 theories about Kate’s ‘disappearance’

Kate Middleton is a member of the British royal family. She has not been seen in public since her stomach surgery. It is being said that his medical records were tampered with and now an investigation has also been started in this regard.

Do you know Kate Middleton? Must have lost his life. The world has been searching for him for the last one week. There are some rumors and some theories going around about him. If you don’t know about Kate, then learn about it in the first thirty seconds. She is a member of the British royal family. She is married to Prince William, the heir to the British Kingdom.

The root of the recent controversy regarding him is his stomach surgery which took place in January this year. When she was not seen in public even after almost two months of treatment, the world started searching for her. Why not get together? She is a member of the royal family and the whole world keeps an eye on the lifestyle of this family.

Let us know what are the three theories going on regarding the ‘disappearance’?

First – Britain’s famous ‘The London Clinic’ is a world famous hospital. This hospital is known for treating members of the royal family as well as other high-profile people. Kate was treated in this hospital. But after the surgery, no new picture of Kate was revealed. After this there was a flood of rumors. Some said that Kate’s condition is serious and the royal family is hiding things. The Royal Family says that she is absolutely fine and will be seen in public soon.

Second – Another controversy is regarding Kate’s medical records. It is being said that an attempt has also been made to tamper with his medical records. According to a report, when the man tried to access the clinic and report at The London Clinic Hospital, a case of security breach is being filed against him. According to Time’s report, an investigation is being conducted into tampering with the medical report. In Britain, it is considered a crime to look at a person’s private medical records without the permission of health workers.

Third – A picture of Princess Kate and her three children is also viral on social media in which it has been doctored. Reuters has expressed suspicion of tampering in its investigation. Another theory regarding tampering with the photo is also common. It is being said that Kate’s husband Prince William is having an affair with Marchioness of Cholmondeley Sarah Rose Hanbury, due to which things seem complicated. It is believed that the rumor of affair could also be the reason for Kate to distance herself from the public.


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