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PRiMX battery brand introduced

Samsung SDI this week unveiled the PRiMX (read “primax”) battery brand, which it says “captures the unique essence of Samsung SDI.” In a press release dedicated to the PRiMX brand, its transcript is given – Prime Battery for Maximum Experience. In addition, it says that three phrases are key to the brand: “absolute quality”, “outstanding performance” and “proven advantage”.

PRiMX battery brand introduced

“Absolute quality” is said to mean the safest and most reliable battery quality. Samsung SDI has stepped up quality control at all stages, from battery design to manufacturing and shipping. At the same time, algorithms for detecting defects using artificial intelligence are applied and about 500 indicators are checked throughout the entire production process.

“Outstanding Performance” refers to high capacity and high power battery technology using the latest Samsung SDI materials, including a high nickel cathode and silicon anode.

Proven Benefit refers to the user-friendliness achieved through proprietary technology. In particular, this is ultra-fast charging technology.

The trademark has already been registered in South Korea and Europe, and registration in the United States is expected soon. Samsung SDI will use the PRiMX brand for all of its batteries.


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