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Prime Minister’s directive on management of marine protected areas issued

Accordingly, ministers and heads of ministry-level and Government’s agencies, chairpersons of People’s Committees of 28 centrally-run cities and provinces in coastal areas are assigned to direct agencies concerned perform several key tasks.

Specifically, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will work with ministries, agencies and 28 centrally-run cities and provinces in coastal areas to effectively carry out programmes and projects, thus laying a scientific foundation to propose the establishment and expansion of MPAs. The ministry is also tasked with building a national database on MPAs, assisting localities in the establishment and management of MPAs, and enhancing inspection of MPAs management nationwide.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is asked to enhance management and inspection, seriously punish individuals and organisations that violate laws on environment protection, marine biodiversity, sea encroachment, mineral resource exploitation at sea, thus mitigating harmful impacts on the marine environment, ecological systems and aquatic resources.

The Ministry of Public Security will be responsible for seriously dealing with legal violations regarding environmental protection and marine biodiversity, and for coordinating with relevant agencies to evaluate projects in sea and island areas to prevent harmful impacts on the environment, ecological system, MPAs, national defence and security.

The Ministry of National Defence is assigned to enhance patrols at seas and islands so as to timely detect any law violations in line with the law, improve capacity and arrange forces ready for responding to environment incidents at seas and islands.

The Ministry of Information and Communications is required to direct information and communication work about the role and importance of marine preservation. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will disseminate relevant legal regulations to tourists, organisations and individuals in hospitality sector.

Chairpersons of People’s Committees of coastal cities and provinces will direct the implementation of marine preservation measures, considering it one of the locality’s key tasks. They must take the initiative in arranging resources to help fishermen living in and around MPAs switch from fishing to other livelihoods, thus easing pressure on MPAs and ensuring the efficiency of MPAs management.


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