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Price of Mahindra XUV700 increased by up to Rs 81,000, see new price list

Mahindra has increased the prices of XUV700 for the second time. Now the delivery of this car will be given according to the new prices. However, only the customers who book it after 8 October 2021 will get this car at the increased price. If the price increases again, then the customers will get this car again at the same price. Its introductory price will be applicable for the first 50,000 customers who booked it between October 7 and 8, 2021. The variant wise new pricing of Mahindra XUV700 is as follows:

Petrol Variants

old price

new price

price difference


Rs 12.49 lakh

Rs 12.96 lakh

Rs 47,000


Rs 14.48 lakh

Rs 15.02 lakh

Rs 54,000


Rs 15.49 lakh

Rs 16.05 lakh

Rs 56,000

AX3 Automatic

Rs 15.99 lakh

Rs 16.57 lakh

Rs 58,000

AX5 7-Seater

Rs 16.09 lakh

Rs 16.67 lakh

Rs 58,000

AX5 Automatic

Rs 17.08 lakh

Rs 17.71 lakh

Rs 63,000


Rs 17.99 lakh

Rs 18.63 lakh

Rs 64,000

AX7 Automatic

Rs 19.58 lakh

Rs 20.29 lakh

Rs 71,000

AX7 Automatic L

Rs 21.29 lakh

Rs 22.04 lakh

Rs 75,000

  •  The AX7 automatic luxury variant of this car has seen the biggest increase in price. 
  •  Right now the price of its base variant is just below Rs 13 lakh. 
  •  At the same time, the price of the AX7 automatic variant is going up to Rs 20 lakh. 

Diesel Variants

old price

new price

price difference


Rs 12.99 lakh

Rs 13.47 lakh

Rs 48,000


Rs 14.99 lakh

Rs 15.54 lakh


AX3 7-Seater

Rs 15.68 lakh

Rs 16.26 lakh



Rs 16.08 lakh

Rs 16.67 lakh

Rs 59,000

AX5 7-Seater

Rs 16.68 lakh

Rs 17.29 lakh

Rs 61,000

AX3 Automatic

Rs 16.69 lakh

Rs 17.29 lakh

60,000 rupees

AX5 Automatic

Rs 17.69 lakh

Rs 18.32 lakh

Rs 63,000

AX5 Automatic 7-Seater

Rs 18.29 lakh

Rs 18.94 lakh

Rs 65,000


Rs 18.59 lakh

Rs 19.25 lakh

Rs 66,000

AX7 Automatic

Rs 20.19 lakh

Rs 20.91 lakh

Rs 72,000


Rs 20.28 lakh

Rs 21.01 lakh

Rs 73,000

AX7 Automatic All Wheel Drive

Rs 21.49 lakh

Rs 22.25 lakh

Rs 76,000

AX7 Luxury Automatic

Rs 21.88 lakh

Rs 22.66 lakh


AX7 Luxury Automatic All Wheel Drive

Rs 22.99 lakh

Rs 23.80 lakh


  •  The price of the XUV700 AX7 Automatic Luxury Pack All Wheel Drive, which is its top variant, has been increased by up to Rs 81,000. The price of its base variant MX has been increased by Rs 48,000.

Mahindra XUV700 is powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine (200 PS/380 Nm) and a 2.2-litre diesel engine (185 PS/450 Nm). Both these engines are available with 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic gearbox options. All-wheel drivetrain option is also given in the top model AX7 diesel automatic of this car.

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