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Price comparison website sues Google for 2.1 billion euros

Sweden’s price comparison site PriceRunner has sued Alphabet-owned Google. PriceRunner alleges that Google manipulates search results in a 2.1 billion euro (about Rs 17,930 crore) damages lawsuit. Said that Google promotes its shopping comparison in search results. Significantly, in recent years, Europe has been cracking down on the business practices of Big Tech. At the same time, the European Union is moving to tighten the law. US tech giants are facing fines and legal challenges in several European countries.

According to a news agency, tech startup PriceRunner has said that the violence is still on, so the final damage amount of the lawsuit is expected to be very high.

PriceRunner chief executive Mikel Lindahl said the case was “also a fight for consumers who, over the past 14 years and today, have suffered from competition law violations by Google.”

The company sued in the Patent and Markets Court in Stockholm after the European Union General Court ruled that Google violated EU antitrust laws by manipulating search results for shopping services.

In November, the European Union’s court upheld the 2.4 billion euro (about Rs 20,490 crore) fine imposed on Google by the European Commission in 2017. It said results from Google’s own Compare service were “displayed more attractively”.

PriceRunner has said it has sought damages for profits it has lost in the UK since 2008 and in Sweden and Denmark since 2013.

PriceRunner said Google has a ‘monopoly-like position’ in the European Economic Area (EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). This price comparison site is based in Sweden but also operates in Denmark, Norway and the UK. It plans to expand to more countries. Swedish fintech Klarna bought PriceRunner in November. Media reports put the deal worth more than $1 billion (about Rs 8,540 crore).

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