Monday, March 4, 2024

Presenting the official convertible Volkswagen

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Company Volkswagen presented the Cabriolet, created on the basis of the sedan Virtus, the creation of which took 30 engineers only six weeks.

This is a unique project, developed specifically for the visit of the President of Brazil Luís Inácio Lula da Silva to the Volkswagen factory in San-Bernardo-du-Camp, San-Paulo. If you look closely, it is not a genuine convertible, as none of the images show the redesigned Virtus with the roof installed. In addition to the loss of B and C stacks, the car underwent additional changes.

Brazilian team Volkswagen reworked the body, making the rear compartment more spacious. However, this modification required changing the dimensions of the fuel bank. In addition, the body was strengthened, and a crossbar was installed between the front and rear seats, allowing passengers to be held in the back.

This Virtus became the fifth open-top car modified by Volkswagen Brazil for presidential visits, after the Fusca/Beetle (1959, 1993), Polo Sedan (2003) and Fox (2005). The President of the country visited the factory while passing by in the back seat of this car. Now the machine will be stored in the Museum of Historic Cars, located on the territory of the factory.

Presenting the official convertible Volkswagen

Only yesterday we communicatedwhich Toyota conducted a similar modernization, introducing the Cabriolet based on the crossover Crown.

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