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Presented Russian Kub cars based on Lada Granta

The Nizhny Novgorod company Promtech has developed new versions of the Lada Granta, making them their own family with the short name Kub. It will include a refrigerated van, a manufactured goods van, a minivan, as well as several universal cargo-and-passenger versions.

At the heart of each version is a new all-metal body built from scratch with a side door and two hinged rear doors. In the alternative version of the Largus, it features a larger glass area and an additional third row of seats, increasing the interior capacity to seven seats, not counting the driver.

Presented Russian Kub cars based on Lada Granta

Also, Nizhny Novgorod created two passenger-and-freight versions with a capacity of five people each. Between themselves, they differ only in the number of windows and the design of the trunk, which in one of them is finished with unusual corrugated aluminum.

Presented Russian cars Kub based on Lada Granta

The cargo version has the most voluminous trunk – it has only two seats (driver’s and front passenger), and behind them is an extensive cargo compartment with a volume of 4.8 cubic meters. When installing a refrigerator in the “refrigerator” version, it decreases to 4.2 cubic meters, but the total mass remains unchanged – in absolutely all commercial “Grants” from Promtech, it is 2160 kg.

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