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Preparation to crack down on messengers like FB, WhatsApp, Delhi High Court asked TRAI to act fast

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The Delhi High Court has recently asked the Telecom and Regulatory Authority of India i.e. Trai to regulate over-the-top (OTT) communication services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp with all the stakeholders. Also asked to speed up the consultation process. Justice Prathiba M Singh, in an 8-page order, said that in view of the wide spread and widespread use of internet telephony, TRAI will expeditiously conduct consultations with stakeholders, as well as give its suggestions accordingly.

The court has also asked TRAI (Telecom and Regulatory Authority of India) to suggest a suitable regulatory mechanism for OTT which includes issues related to banning select OTT services.

These directions have been given on the basis of a petition by World Phone Internet Service, which sought a direction to the government to implement the existing rules for Internet telephony for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other apps that allow users Allow voice calls. To ensure this, these apps comply with the regulatory/licensing framework.

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It has been said that the government should stop the unlicensed services of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp until they comply with the appropriate requirements and various policy instructions issued by the government from time to time.

World Phone Internet Services has alleged that while it pays license fee for internet services including internet telephony, platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger do not pay any such fee to the government. . TRAI had recommended that it was not an opportune time for a comprehensive regulatory framework for OTT services beyond the existing laws and regulations laid down at present.



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