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Preaching to India on human rights will not work, dialogue is necessary – Indian American MP

American lawmakers of Indian origin have told the Biden government that it should talk to India on issues related to human rights. He said that these issues should be raised before the Government of India. The MPs also raised the issue of freedom of press in India and said that the government should see what is happening in this matter.

Indian-origin MPs also said that preaching to New Delhi on issues related to human rights will do nothing, rather there is a need to talk with the Indian leadership. Indian American MP Ro Khanna told members of the Indian American community at the ‘Desi Decides’ conference of the Democratic think-tank ‘Indian American Impact’ on Thursday (May 15), ‘India was a slave for more than 100 years, so when we fight for human rights. Talking about, when you interact with External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar or anyone else, you have to understand that it only sounds like preaching to India.

Ro Khanna said, ‘I think it would be a more constructive approach to have a dialogue (with India) about what are the flaws in our democracy here, what are the flaws in your democracy and how can we collectively advance democracy and human rights. Are.’

Indian American MPs Shri Thanedar, Pramila Jaipal and Dr. Amy Bera also participated in this dialogue with Ro Khanna, co-chair of the Congressional India Caucus. It was conducted by ABC’s national correspondent Zohreen Shah. Zoharin Shah questioned Indian American lawmakers about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relations with the Muslim community.

Amy Bera agreed with Ro Khanna and said, ‘I have also said the same to the (Indian) Foreign Minister. If India loses its identity as a secular nation, there may be a change in the way the rest of the world looks at it. He also said that it is not necessary that former President Donald Trump’s presidency in America is the same as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure in power.

He said, ‘Because we still have a vibrant democracy. We have a vibrant opposition party in the form of the Democratic Party. We still believe in freedom of the press and these are all things that worry me about the future of India.

Amy Bera said, ‘You see what is happening in terms of freedom of the press. You don’t really see any viable opposition party, or rather it is being eliminated. A vibrant democracy should have all these things – freedom of speech, freedom of the press… I hope you never have to see a second term of Trump, but even if that happens, you will see that our democracy will survive. I certainly hope that India’s democracy also survives.

Pramila Jaipal said that she agreed with both Bera and Khanna. She said, ‘The only thing I want to add is that I think we should be able to criticize the shortcomings of our country and the shortcomings of any other country. This is the real work of Parliament. We should not preach, ‘I agree with Ro (Khanna). We have to think about all the interests of America. Certainly the economic aspect is important. India is an important partner of ours. It is also an important partner due to the changing scenario at the regional and global level.

MP Thanedar said that he is in favor of a strong relationship between India and America. He said, ‘We need stronger relations between America and India.’ Thanedar said, ‘America has to recognize the power of India, its economic power and India is the best solution to counter China’s aggression. That’s why I am working on stronger India-US relations.


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