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Pravasi Gujarati Parv 2024: What makes Gujaratis different from others? The CEO of this company gave a great answer

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Pravasi Gujarati Parv 2024 is being organized in Gujarat. The objective of this program is to tell people about the success stories of Gujaratis living abroad. TV9 Network and Association of Indian Americans in North America i.e. AIANA is organizing this Pravasi Gujarati festival. Meanwhile, talks were held towards India becoming a business hub. On this occasion, Gujaratis who are making India proud in the world and are doing very good work in different fields had arrived.

Gujarati is expert in calculated risk

Rakesh Rao, Group CEO of Crown Paints, the largest paint company in the African region, says that there is a saying in Gujarat that one who does not take risks in life cannot do anything big. He further says that Gujaratis have a special quality that they know how to take calculated risks. Because all Gujaratis understand very well what is the value of risk? He further tells about Gujaratis that when a challenge comes in life, Gujarati people convert it into a great opportunity. He does this not only for himself, but for his family, state and the entire country.

Gujarati is easy to trust

Prashant Vara, head of power and operations at Saudi Aramco, says that it is easy to trust Gujarati people. In Saudi, when there is a hiring and the person first identifies himself as an Indian, then as soon as he calls himself a Gujarati, people get confident that now there is nothing to worry about. Famous barrister and President of the Indian Bar Association of UK, Jayesh Jotangia, says that in his experience so far, Gujarati people have the ability to fit themselves in any situation. With time he gradually adapts to the situation. Jatin Karia, director of Grant Thornton and MS Kapadia, owner of Prism Healthcare in USA were also present in this session.

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