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Power Crisis: Why is the power crisis happening? Is coal decreasing in the country or is there any other reason – know

Power Crisis Reason: Coal Secretary AK Jain on Sunday refused to blame the shortage of coal for the current power crisis, saying the main reason for this crisis is the sharp decline in power generation from various fuel sources.

Coal Secretary enumerated many reasons
The coal secretary tried to defend himself amid reports of power cuts in several states, including Maharashtra, due to shortage of coal. He said in an interview that several factors are responsible for the low stock of coal with thermal power plants. Jain said that due to the boom in the economy after the Kovid-19 epidemic, the demand for electricity has increased, early summer this year, the price of gas and imported coal will increase and the power generation of coastal thermal power plants has fallen sharply. Factors like this have been responsible for this.

Mismatch of demand and supply of electricity is also a reason- Coal Secretary
Jain said, “It is not a crisis of coal but a mismatch of supply and demand of electricity.” Several measures are already being taken to increase the total power supply. Jain said, “Some thermal-power plants in India were built along the coast so that they could use imported coal. But due to the increase in the price of imported coal, those plants have reduced the coal import.” In such a situation, the coastal thermal power plants are now producing only about half of their capacity.

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Railways have a big contribution
The Coal Secretary said that the states located in the southern and western regions are dependent on imported coal. When coal is sent by railway wagons and rakes to domestic coal based plants located in these states, it takes more than 10 days to turn the rake. Due to this, the supply of coal to the plants located in other states is disrupted. However, since last year, railways have moved more coal than ever before, reducing rake supply to other sectors to meet the increased demand from the power sector. There was good loading of rakes in the month of March.

Coal India is producing more
State-owned Coal India Limited (CIL) produced 25 per cent more coal in the first fortnight of April as compared to the same period a year ago. With the increase in production, the supply of coal has also increased by 25 percent. Coal India accounts for more than 80 per cent of the domestic coal production. Coal Minister Pralhad Joshi had also said on Saturday that at present 7250 million tonnes of coal is available from various sources of CIL, Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) and coal washeries. Along with this, he also claimed to have 22.01 million tonnes of coal available with thermal power plants.


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