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Power controllers will rise in price by 10% in the next half of the year

Power controller IC (PMIC) prices continue to rise due to a shortage of semiconductor products, according to the latest research from TrendForce. Analysts predict that the average selling price of PMIC in the first half of next year will rise by almost 10%, reaching the highest in the last six years.

According to TrendForce, PMIC demand is steadily growing in the segments of consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, industrial control systems and automotive, as well as in connection with the transformation of the industry. Consumer electronics remains the largest consumer of PMIC. While demand for laptops, mobile phones, smartphones and TVs is expected to fall shortly, this downturn will be offset by a recovery in the automotive market and rapid growth in electric vehicle sales, development of automotive electronics and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Given the lack of capacity and the fact that automotive microcircuits undergo many checks to ensure compatibility and high reliability, the lead time for the production of components for automotive electronics has already stretched until the end of 2022. That is, PMIC suppliers in the case of automotive microcircuits call the lead time of 40-52 weeks, and for some models the acceptance of orders has been discontinued. By comparison, the lead time for consumer electronics chips has been extended to 12-26 weeks.

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