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Post your own voice tweets on Twitter like this

Twitter introduced Voice Tweets on its platform last year so that users can tweet with their voice. It helps Matter to quickly post tweets on Twitter, without having to type in text. You can also add your text Tweets as follow-ups after you’ve posted your initial Voice Tweet. This enhances the overall experience not only for the tweeting users but also for their followers as they will be able to listen to the tweets posted on the platform instead of just reading their messages. Voice Tweets also bring a personal touch to Twitter as people can post updates on the microblogging network using their voices.

in june last year launch Voice tweets on Twitter have been limited to iOS users since it happened. This means that only the Twitter for iOS app has the ability to record and post your voice Tweets. However, people on desktop, Android and platforms other than iOS also have the ability to play voice tweets posted by iOS users. The company has also recently added an option to provide auto-generated transcripts.

If you have the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad and are wondering how you can post voice tweets, here are the steps for you.

How to use voice tweets on Twitter

Before we move on to how you can use Voice Tweets on Twitter, it’s important to note that you can record up to two minutes and 20 seconds for each individual Voice Tweet. If your message is longer than the given time limit then your message will automatically be threaded up to 25 tweets.

  1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on Tweet Compose icon from the bottom right.
  3. Now hit the ‘Wavelength’ voice tweet icon available above the keyboard. This will start recording your message.
  4. When you’ve finished your message, tap Done.

You can add follow-up Tweets in text to your Voice Tweets. However, it is worth noting here that you cannot post audio Tweets through the Replies and Quote Tweet features. You can only record your Voice Tweets as Original Tweets. Twitter does not allow users to directly upload any audio file as a voice tweet on its platform.

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