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Porto electric cargo bike can replace a car

Manufacturer Specialized has unveiled a cargo version of its electric bike designed to carry passengers and equipment. Porto will help take children to school or the park, and it was also designed as a full-fledged cargo vehicle for trips into nature.

Porto cargo bike

The model offers adjustable seat and handlebar heights, so the electric bike is suitable for riders with a height of 1.55 to 1.95 m. Porto is 2.65 m long. The rear rack is compatible with the MIK HD interface for installing child seats, safety rails, footrests, bags and other accessories. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with built-in side mounts for panniers.

Weighing 39.6kg, the Porto is designed to carry up to 60kg of payload. The front of the model uses a stand that holds up to 20 kg of weight. The total load on the structure can reach 200 kg. The e-bike is powered by Specialized’s own mid-drive motor that produces 250W of power and 90Nm of torque. If desired, the driver can use the pedal assist system, which can accelerate the Porto to 25 km/h.

The battery with a capacity of 710 Wh is designed for five hours of autonomous operation of the electric bike. The model is equipped with a 500-lumen headlight and a brake light, as well as a Garmin geosensor that notifies the driver when they are close to the desired objects. A MasterMind display capable of connecting to a smartphone is used to display data.

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Through a separate application, the driver will customize the engine operation for himself. In addition, the software offers an intelligent control system. With its help, you can optimize battery consumption while traveling. When the e-bike is inactive, the app will lock the wheels and engine to protect the Porto from theft.

The model is equipped with a 24-inch wheel at the front and a 20-inch wheel at the rear. Each is equipped with 2.8-inch-wide Pathfinder tires and Tektro four-piston hydraulic brakes with 203mm rotors.

Porto is already available in black. The asking price is $7,000. DryTech aluminum fenders are also included.


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