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Popular Site: TikTok spread worldwide, surpassing Google-Apple in popularity; See list


  • Populartechbabatit tiktok topper.
  • TickTock overtakes Google, Apple.
  • Facebook ranks third on this list.

New Delhi : short video platform TikTok In the case of the most popular domain in the year 2021 Google Has been left behind. Web security company Cloudflare has compiled a list after a year of data analysis. According to this, Tiktok is ranked No. 1, behind Google and 9 other big companies in the world. After Facebook in 2020 Google If it was the most popular domain TIC Toc Was in seventh place.

Many Chinese apps, including TikTok, were banned in India last year for security reasons. Google removed all banned apps, including TickTock, from the Play Store after the government banned them. Apple has also been removed from the Apple Store.

According to a report by CloudFlare, on February 17, 2021, TickTock topped the list for one day. Tiktok also topped the list in March and May. However, after August 10, 2021, Tiktok’s popularity continued to grow. In the meantime, Google was number one for a few days. TickTock was at the top in October and November. After Google in terms of popularity in 2021, respectively. Facebook, Microsoft, Apple And e-commerce website Amazon.

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The popular instant messaging app Whatsapp ranks 10th on this list. Twitter ranks ninth. Netflix and YouTube are at number seven and eight respectively.

Meanwhile, the popularity of Tiktok in India had increased tremendously. Meanwhile, 1 billion monthly active users. The United States, Europe, Brazil and Southeast Asian countries are the largest markets for Tiktok.


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