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Popular “Chinese” in Russia soared in price by 1-2 million rubles: a visual chart was published

The experts of the analytical agency “AUTOSTAT” have compiled a visual graph that demonstrates how much popular Chinese cars have risen in price in Russia this year.

In the first four months of 2022, the price of new cars in Russia has risen significantly, while the situation has also affected Chinese models, which are considered the most affordable and also the most technically equipped on the market.

For this, we used the data of the Auto Price website as of January 1 and April 29, 2022. This year’s best-selling Chinese car in Russia, the Haval Jolion, has risen in price the most since the beginning of the year, by as much as 71%. He added a whole million rubles.

Also very popular in Russia crossover Chery Tiggo 7 Pro has risen in price from 1,690,000 to 2,520,000 rubles (+49%). Haval F7 added 53%, having risen in price from 1,729,000 to 2,639,000 rubles.

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Haval H9 has risen in price by 64%, but if earlier it could be bought for less than 3 million rubles, then at the end of April it is sold for almost 5 million rubles. Exeed VX has risen in price by about 1.5 million rubles, and Exeed TXL has become more expensive by 1.3 million rubles.

The minimum price increase was demonstrated by the FAW Besturn X40, which became more expensive by only 18% or 250 thousand rubles. Geely models were not included in the chart, as their prices are not listed on the official website.


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