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Pollution alarm bells ringed by crypto mining in America

In the past few months, some countries have warned about the damage being done to the environment by crypto mining. The White House’s Office of Science and Technology in the US has said in a report that mining cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin could be a setback to efforts to combat climate change.

The report outlines the need to take steps to reduce the pollution caused by crypto mining. It said that the government should work closely with the states and the crypto industry to collect detailed data on the consumption of electricity as well as set criteria for it. Report According to the report, “Cryptocurrencies may hinder the fulfillment of America’s commitment and goals to combat climate change due to the high consumption of electricity in the technology being used.” The report states that the crypto industry in the US is using almost the same amount of electricity as computers used in homes.

In March, US President Joe Biden ordered the study as part of an executive order on cryptocurrencies. Some other government agencies can suggest ways to deal with this problem. In the US state of Texas, which is considered the hub of bitcoin mining, the supply of electricity was affected due to the recent increase in heat. For this reason, many bitcoin mining firms stopped their operations. Mining has resumed in Texas.

of cryptocurrencies mining Computers that consume more electricity are used in this. It involves solving mathematical puzzles on computer systems to validate blockchain transactions. The miner who solves the puzzle first is given cryptocurrency as a reward. Texas has emerged as a bitcoin mining hub after the Chinese government imposed restrictions on all crypto-related activities last year. The main reason for banning crypto mining from China was the excessive use of electricity in it.

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