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Police will come as soon as you press this red button in Delhi buses, don’t touch it even by forgetting, know what is this technology

New Delhi. Delhi Government has recently installed Panic Button in DTC buses. This button is mainly put in view of the safety of women. This is a fully automatic button. It has been fitted near the gate of the bus. Women traveling in the bus can use this bus in case of emergency. As soon as a woman uses this button, a request will go directly to the Transport Department.

This red button connects to the control center of the Transport Department. Along with this the hooter is also attached. The hooter will be activated as soon as a passenger presses this button. This is a fully automatic technology. By pressing these buttons, the passenger, conductor and driver are alerted. Along with this, the motorists present on the road also become active. Along with this, the nearest PCR vehicle will also be informed about this.

Delhi government is working continuously for the safety of women. This is the reason why 10 panic buttons have been installed recently. In addition, CCTV cameras have also been fitted in every bus. In case anything is found wrong, the police are alerted immediately. The police also connects with the driver immediately. That is, this one button is completely like a danger mark. This one button is enough to tell the PCR.

Now this Panic Button will be installed in other state buses as well. A map has also been sought from the Delhi government regarding this. A special tender is also being given for this. Actually it connects to the server in a way. As soon as it is pressed, the hooter on the other end starts working. It was started keeping in view the safety of women.

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