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Pocket Printer: This printer is smaller than a bluetooth speaker, can be connected to a smartphone and print

Portable Smart Printer: If you keep needing to print small notes or diagrams, then a strong product has come for you in the market which will easily fit in your budget and you can carry it anywhere. 

Amazon is Selling Mini Pocket Size Printer at low cost: If you also need to take small prints for your office projects or for children’s education, then now you will not need to go to the nearest printing shop again and again. We are saying this because now such a printer has come in the market which can take out the print in the blink of an eye. Its biggest feature is its size which is so small that this printer will fit even in your palm. 

which printer is this 

The name of the pocket size printer we are talking about is LayOPO Wireless Bluetooth Printer. Customers can purchase it from the online shopping site Amazon. Most of the customers who buy this printer get attracted by seeing its size. Actually, there are very few such printers in the market which, despite being so small, work so well. This printer connects to your smartphone, after which you can use it by installing the app. 

How much is the price and how much is the discount 

If we talk about the price, then customers can buy LayOPO Wireless Bluetooth Printer from Amazon for just Rs 5,899. Although this is not its actual price on the website. Talking about the actual price, it is Rs 7,599, but on this, a strong discount of 22 percent is being given to the customers, after which you are able to buy it at such a low price.

The design of this printer is very strong as well as very lightweight. Even if it falls from your hand, it will not cause any damage except for a few scratches, so if you are afraid to take it outdoors, then there is no need to do this. If you have school going children in your house whom you are planning to gift, then buying this printer can prove to be a good option. This printer looks like a Polaroid camera, but in reality it is a printer. 

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