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‘PM Modi will go to Pakistan first after Lok Sabha elections,’ big claim of Pakistani media

Narendra Modi Pakistan Visit: At present, the discussion about the Prime Minister of India is in full swing in the Pakistani media, it is being claimed that Modi will be the first to come to Pakistan after winning the Lok Sabha elections. At the same time, from the news going on in Pakistani media, it seems that Pakistanis are fully confident that this time again Modi is going to win the elections in India. During a media show, when a senior Pakistani journalist was asked about PM Modi’s visit to Pakistan, he gave shocking answers.

Pakistani YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary has also played a clip of Pakistani media, in which it is being claimed that PM Modi is coming to Pakistan. In fact, in a media show, a female journalist asked senior Pakistani journalist Hasan Nisar that Pakistan political pundits say that after winning the Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi will visit Pakistan.

Responding to this, Hasan Nisar said, ‘If Narendra Modi does this then that date will be recorded in history. Narendra Modi will go to the position of Nelson Mandela. Modi is the favorite leader of the world’s largest majority. It will be a big deal for him to come to Pakistan, we will be happy if he comes to Pakistan.

Pakistan will benefit from Modi’s visit – Pakistani
Pakistani YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary also talked to journalists of Pakistan’s main stream media regarding PM Modi’s visit to Pakistan. During this, Pakistani journalists said that it is a matter of great happiness that Modi Saheb is going to come to Pakistan, this will be of great benefit to Pakistan. During this, Shoaib asked that after all there is tension between the two countries, trade with India was stopped during Imran’s government, should we not take initiative for this? Responding to this, Pakistani journalists said that development of a country is possible only when there is trade between neighboring countries.

Media is not free in Pakistan – Pakistani journalist
During this, a Pakistani journalist said that he does not think that Narendra Modi thinks well about Pakistan, but it would be better if there is trade between the two countries. The Pakistani journalist said that the media is not free in Pakistan and is not free in the whole world. We can’t do what we want. In the last four years, pressure on Pakistan’s media has increased. The person said that our leaders should trade vigorously with India, after all we are smuggling with Iran. If this is done legally then the Government of Pakistan will get tax.

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