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PM Modi gives speeches for hours without stopping with this small device, know why it is very special


  • Teleprompter is used to give speech
  • Politicians can easily give speeches by looking at the text
  • Can also be used in films and news channels

New Delhi. What kind of device is there in India at this time, which is being discussed a lot. This device is used a lot in the political world. If you don’t understand yet, we’re talking teleprompter With the help of this device, you can easily speak on any topic for hours. Although this device is very common but its price is a bit high because it works on a complex technology. With the help of this device, you can read the text which was read by writing on paper till a few years ago, the special thing is that you can keep the text slow or fast according to you.
Let us tell you that Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi with this device, so let us also know everything about it today.

where is it used

This device is used the most in the media industry. From TV anchors to film actors, they use this device to read their dialogues or their story and it is not even known on the camera that reading is being spoken. Now this device has also interfered in politics and politicians use this device to deliver speeches from the stage during their rally and their demand has increased a lot.

how does it work

This device has a large screen on which text is displayed. The device also comes with a remote control that can be used to increase or decrease the speed of tax. Once the text data is fed into this device, you can read it and have your say in front of the camera.

how much is the price

You will be surprised to know that the price of teleprompter goes up to lakhs in the market. It looks cheap but it does not happen, it sells very expensive and its maintenance is also very expensive.

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