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PM Modi gives speeches for hours without stopping from this small device, no one can even see it

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Speech: A few months ago today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the Davos Agenda Summit of the World Economic Forum. In which due to some problem, Prime Minister Modi had to stop his address in the middle. The opposition parties had made a lot of issue about it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation on the occasion of Independence Day.

Today we are going to talk about the same device, with the help of which Prime Minister Narendra Modi or any public leader gives speeches for hours. This device is called a teleprompter or autocue. It is fitted in front of the camera. In this, capital letters go from bottom to top. There are many teleprompters available in the market. Often you must have also seen a panel of glass around Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

One can have a taste after seeing a panel of glass with Prime Minister Modi. Because often people think that it has been made under the protection of the Prime Minister. But it is not, because capital letters are used in it. This is where PM Modi completes his speech after seeing him. The teleprompter is either run by the person giving the speech himself or it is the responsibility of the person standing behind the camera. In this, words can be easily done forward or backward also.

How much is the price?

Now the price of teleprompter is not fixed. It also depends on the quality, design and style. But to buy it, at least 50 thousand rupees have to be spent. If the quality gets better then its price will also go up. At present, no information has been received about the price of the teleprompter in front of Prime Minister Modi.

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