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‘Please pay my electricity bill’, boyfriend made such a demand, girl broke the relationship

The girl broke the relationship after getting angry at her boyfriend (Photo: Freepik)

Girlfriend-boyfriend relationship has become a common thing in today’s time. It is not until boys and girls turn 18 that their relationships start and especially in this era of social media, starting and ending relationships has become a fashion. Some people’s relationships last only for a few days or a few months and then they get separated. Dating apps are also very popular these days, through which boys and girls meet each other and if they like it, they take their relationship further. A case related to this is in discussion these days, but this case is such that after knowing about it, you too will beat your head.

In fact, after a few months of the relationship, a boy made such a demand to his girlfriend that she did not think twice and directly broke the relationship. The matter is from Pittsburgh, America. According to a Kennedy News report, the 29-year-old woman decided to end her relationship with her boyfriend because he had asked her to pay his electricity bill. The woman was so displeased with asking for financial help that she left him.

Electricity bill was Rs 31 thousand

The woman’s name is Kendra Roxberry. She told that a few months ago she had met a man named Josh on the dating app Tinder. They dated each other several times. During this time, Josh also spent a lot of money and fed expensive food, but recently he made a demand from Kendra. He asked Kendra to pay his electricity bill of 376 dollars i.e. about 31 thousand rupees, which surprised her. Kendra did not like this action of Josh at all. He said that this exposes Josh’s lack of financial responsibility.

it was not the right way to ask

According to reports, Kendra later blocked Josh’s number and ended all relations with him in one fell swoop. He also said that he had no problem in giving the money, but Josh’s way of asking was not right. However, she also describes Josh as very good and says that all the moments she spent with him were very good.


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