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PlayStation 5 has been hacked. You can install games, but you can’t run them yet

Almost two years after the PlayStation 5 went on sale, modders have found a way to jailbreak the console, albeit with some restrictions.

IGN notes that the modder behind the jailbreak, SpecterDev, describes it as an experimental IPV6 kernel exploit exploiting a WebKit vulnerability.

Jailbreak will only work on PS5 with firmware 4.03 or later. If you’ve updated your PS5 since October last year, you won’t be able to try the exploit. But even with the right firmware, an attempt to install a jailbreak works only in a third of cases.

What can you do with a hacked PS5? You will have access to the system debug menu. You can also install games that bypass the PlayStation Store, but you cannot run third-party software.

Modder Lance McDonald tested the jailbreak and was able to install the PT demo, the famous teaser of the canceled Silent Hills game. However, he was unable to launch the game. Although the exploit offers read/write access to the PS5, there is currently no way to execute the downloaded files. In any case, PT is not backwards compatible with PS5.

It is currently unlikely that this jailbreak will be widely used anytime soon due to its limitations and the fact that Sony can ban modder accounts. However, it may give other hackers and modders a basis to create new tools.

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