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Players playing in Clash Squad Mode of Free Fire MAX should use these characters, they will get a bang for victory

If you like the rush gameplay in Free Fire Max’s Clash Squad Mode, then the players mentioned here can be of great help to you. These will help you win the game.

Players have the option of many characters in Free Fire MAX . Characters not only make their game fun, but also help them win. However, players should choose based on their gameplay keeping in mind the character’s ability. Not every character and his ability always performs well. Their performance depends on how well they fit your gameplay. 

Clash Squad Mode is very popular among the players in this battle royale game. In this mode players can get more number of Booyah . Read this article if you are a player with rush gameplay in this mode. Here are 5 characters from the game after the update, which are best for rush gameplay in Clash Squad Mode.

Best characters from Free Fire MAX


The first name in the list is of A124. A124 Free Fire Max OB35 is a great character for clash squad mod after update. It helps to convert some part of players’ EP to HP. At the initial upgrade level, it allows the player to convert up to 20 EP HP in under 4 seconds.

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Jota’s skill is very useful for players in clash squad mode. Its skill helps players gain some HP when they inflict damage on an opponent. It has passive ability.

There is no need to activate it manually. This allows the player to automatically gain 10% of his HP when he chases down an enemy. It also improves the player’s survivability in Clash Squad Mode.


K has one of the best character skills in Free Fire MAX . Its skill allows the player to quickly increase his EP by 50 points. Jiu-Jitsu mode helps the player to increase the EP to HP conversion rate. Psychology mode allows the user to recover three EPs every 2.2 seconds.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok is one of the most sought after characters in the game. Players can use the character for their drop the beat skill. This allows the player to create a 5 meter aura. Players can restore 5 HP per second. This skill player will get a huge advantage in Clash Squad Mode.


Players who select the Rush playstyle option can use Xayne’s Xtreme Encounter skill. Its skill helps players to boost HP. Provides players with a boost of 100 HP at the basic level. In addition to an HP boost, it also lets the player deal 100% increased damage to glue walls. Its cooldown is 150 seconds.


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