Monday, March 4, 2024

Plant Hyundai in Russia handed over to the new owner of the plant Volkswagen. It is renamed and restarted to offer Russians «reliable, affordable and comfortable cars»

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Russian company «Art-Finance», owner of the largest Volkswagen plant in Russia, closed the deal to acquire the Hyundai plant in Sankt-Peterburg.

«Art-Finance», which is the parent company for LLC «АгР», opened the deal this week, on January 24, 2024, and became the new owner of the assets of LLC «Hende Motor Manufacturing Russia» in full volume.

Activities «Hende Motor Manufacturing Russia» include two production sites, which are located in Sankt-Peterburg. This plant is in the industrial zone of Kamenka and the plant is in the industrial zone of Shusharay, which previously belonged to GM.

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After the closing of the deal ООО «Hende Motor Manufacturing Rus» joined the group «АGR», as well as the Russian active Volkswagen last year. It is already known that replanted and replanted:

«Group “AGR” intends to actively develop production in order to offer the Russian buyer reliable, affordable and comfortable cars. Today we are faced with many important tasks, but still the main one — it is to preserve the working collectives, as well as to ensure the worthy application of their professional skills and competencies», — said Alexey Kalitsev, who was recently appointed to the post of General Director of OJSC «АгР» it became known. days.

early It became known how Kia and Hyundai can return to Russia,

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