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Planning to shop with BNPL or credit card, know about better options

Buy Now Pay Later v/s Credit Card: With the changing times, there has been a big change in the way people shop and in the process of banking. There was a time when people used to earn money and then plan to spend it. But, with the changing times, now shopping is being done in new ways. First people do shopping and later pay their bills.

Buy Now Pay Later and Credit Card is a scheme based on this facility. In the last few years, the trend of BNPL scheme and credit card has increased a lot. Through both these options, people do shopping first and after that they can pay the bill in easy installments. In both these options, you do not have to pay any interest on bill payment in a limited time period. But, often the question comes in the mind of the customers that when there is so much similarity between the two, then what is the difference between the two. So let us tell you about the difference between both the schemes-

Difference Between Buy Now Pay Later Scheme
Often people want to take a credit card but, not all people are eligible for this card. In such a situation, there is a very good news for such people. They can avail the facility of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) card. You must have a good credit score to get a credit card. At the same time, such eligibility is not necessary in BNPL. After shopping with a credit card, you should pay its bill within 45 to 50 days.

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At the same time, in BNPL, customers get an extra discount of 5 to 10 days in almost bill payment. Even after this, if the customer does not pay the bill, then the company can impose a fine of Rs 250 to Rs 300 on him. In this, the interest is either low or it is negligible. Credit card users also have to provide their bank details while taking the credit card. At the same time, no bank details are to be shared in BNPL. Along with this, you have to pay an annual fee on the credit card, while in BNPL you do not have to pay any annual fee.


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