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Plane in the air, flight of more than 9 hours, passenger sitting locked in the toilet the whole time

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Passenger spent 9 hours of flight sitting in the toilet (symbolic photo)Image Credit source: Pexels

Recently, a passenger traveling in a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore got stuck in the toilet of the plane, and despite not wanting to, he had to spend the entire journey sitting in the toilet. Now some such shocking news has come to light. But this time the passenger had deliberately locked himself in the toilet, that too for more than 9 hours.

According to nypost report, Professor Lucas Gonçalves Dias of Brazilian University is allergic to many things. When the flight attendants served a fish dish to the passengers after takeoff, the professor was so allergic to the smell that he reluctantly confined himself to the toilet during the entire flight. He was flying from Brazil to Portugal. This journey takes more than 9 hours.

Allergic to these things

Dias, 32, said the smell of fish bothered him so much that he started sweating within seconds. Then there was itching all over the body and the body turned red. Because of this, Dias felt so embarrassed that he locked himself in the bathroom of the plane. Dias is allergic to almost everything. This includes many things ranging from peanuts, sea foods, dairy products, latex, harsh smelling chemicals, animal hair.

The airline knew about the allergy

According to the report, if Dias, a resident of Colatina, comes in contact with any of these things, he will experience many symptoms ranging from severe itching to anaphylaxis, which can also prove fatal for him. Therefore, as a precaution, he had informed the airline about his medical condition before the flight.

Spent 9 hours like this

Dias said that immediately after having an allergy, he ran to the bathroom in the hope that it was the only place where the air was constantly changing. Unfortunately, despite his unwillingness, he was forced to travel there until he landed in Portugal. To pass the time, Dias repeatedly read the instructions written on the toilet wall.

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