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Pixel Pat is a pixel game starring an Intel director now you can play online

You can try your hand Click at this link.

As an anniversary gift for Pat Gelsinger as Intel CEO, the company released an 8-bit game called Pixel Pat. It is available online and is completely free to play.

Intel Pixel Pat, Source: Intel
Intel Pixel Pat, Source: Intel

Pixel Pat is an 8-bit style game with a simple jumping mechanic. Playing music inspired by Mario adventures, the player must help pixelated Pat assemble wafers at the Intel factory. From time to time, Pat will be tucked into a bunny suit that grants invulnerability for a certain period of time. Users should avoid mistakes and collect light bulbs to learn about Intel innovations and milestones. You can try your hand at this link.

Pat Gelsinger was elected CEO of Intel on February 15, 2021. During his tenure, he managed to announce the Intel IDM 2.0 strategy, which includes multi-billion dollar investments in new factories. The company recently unveiled the Alder Lake and Arc Alchemist architecture, as well as its first discrete gaming GPUs.

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