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Photography Tips: Follow these tips and take great photos of nature from your phone

New Delhi. Be it the setting sun or the children smiling, the pictures captivate the mind. It is said that pictures are not just memories but a story in itself. We all love taking pictures. Nowadays most of the features of digital cameras are present in smartphones. Everyone can take a picture, but taking a good picture is a skill, by practicing which one can learn good photography.

Although there are no big rules of photography, but by taking care of some things, you can also give new dimensions to your hobby. If you also want to take good pictures from the phone, then definitely follow these special tips related to mobile photography.

Do not direct light on the camera
First of all, you have to check how the light is and how much light is falling on the view of which you want to take the picture. Always keep in mind that the light should fall where the photo is being taken. Your photo will not come right when there is direct sunlight on the camera. Therefore, adjust the camera in such a way that the lighting is right.

nature or closeup short
If you are taking a closeup photo of nature i.e. a plant or flower, then bring the camera closer and focus on that thing. At the same time, if you want to take a highlight photo of something, then take a close up short, so that the photo can be clicked clearly. If taken from a long distance, the photo will have to be zoomed, due to which the pixels of the photo will be spoiled.

don’t use any app
Take photos with normal camera only. If you click the photo from any app, then it will not make your photo natural. If you want, you can edit after clicking the photo.

try changing mode
Some mobile phones have a default mode setting. By going to this default mode setting, it can be checked that what kind of photo will come in which mode. This will save both your time and effort.

use a tripod
There are many people whose hands start trembling while taking a picture. Because of this the picture does not come out well. Such people can also use tripod, from this beautiful photos of nature can be captured.

By following these great tips, you can improve your mobile photography. If seen, the easiest way to click a photo is through mobile photography.

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