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Phone Safety Tips: Which is more secure between pattern and password? Do not make this mistake heavy regarding the security of the phone


Pattern lock is not at all safe for the phone.
Laziness in applying brain while creating a password can be overwhelming.
More than 64 percent people unlocked the phone once they saw the pattern.

New Delhi. You bought a new phone, in that phone in the beginning in the settings you are asked whether you want to lock the phone with pattern or password. Whatever option you choose, you get the option to set it and set a pattern or password for your phone. But the laziness that comes in applying the mind while creating this password and pattern, can put the phone at a huge risk.

All phone manufacturers offer the option of setting a numeric or alphanumeric password. You can unlock and use the phone only after entering this password. But in laziness, the public uses some such numbers or words in the password which are easy to remember. Words like 1234, 123456, password or name, birthday, partner or children’s birthday. But just as these passwords are easy to remember, they are also easy to guess. Your phone thief can easily guess your easy password by extracting a little information about you.

Strong password or PIN required
If you create a strong PIN or password, it will not be easy for hackers or thieves to guess it. In this case, you can keep your phone safe. A strong password means a combination of numbers and alphabets to create a password that is not easy for anyone to guess.

Now let’s talk about the pattern
Due to the difficulty in remembering the PIN or password, the pattern feature came in Android. In this, 9 dots appear on the screen, by connecting at least four of these dots, you can create a lock pattern for the phone. But even with the lock pattern, most people make the same mistake that they do with the password. Select Easy Pattern.

More than 64 percent people unlocked the phone once they saw the pattern.

android authority According to a report, 44 percent of people start their pattern with the dot in the top left corner. Whereas 77 percent people start their pattern from any one corner. Most people make patterns with only 5 dots, while many people use only 4 dots. More than 10 percent of lock patterns are in the shape of any English letter. This can be the first letter of his name or someone he knows. It is very easy to guess such patterns.

What came out in the research?
So if a strong pattern is created, will it be difficult to crack? gets the answer Annual Computer Security Applications Conference In a paper presented in Scientists did an online experiment for this paper. Recorded video of people entering 4-6 digit password or pattern on their phones. Recording was done on different phones, from different angles. This recording was shown to about 1173 people in a controlled manner. These people were asked to act like attackers, so that it could be seen which method of locking the phone is more insecure. It was revealed in the experiment-

– 6 digit PIN is a bit secure. In this, only 10.8 percent attackers were able to unlock the phone after a single observation. Whereas in multiple observation it increased to 26.5 percent.
On the other hand, after a single observation in the 6-dot Android pattern, 64.2 percent of the attackers unlocked the phone. At the same time, the attack had reached 79.9 percent in multiple observations.

Citing this report, both Android Authority and The Wired UK described the pattern lock as insecure for the phone. Let us tell you that there is no option to set security pattern in iPhone.


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