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Phone Photography Tips: Click DSLR like photo from iPhone, these 3 settings have to be changed


To click photos like DSLR from iPhone, make camera format high efficiency.
If you are an iPhone 14 user then always keep ProRaw Resolution on in it.
To do the best videography, go to its settings and select 4K at 24ps.

new Delhi: Smartphones are mostly used by people to talk on calls as well as use apps. The cost of iPhone is in lakhs. There are many such features in it, about which very few people know. After buying it, people do photography but many times they get disappointed when they do not get the right quality. People buy DSLR separately for doing videography and photography. Its cost is very high.

If you are an iPhone user then you do not need to buy any camera separately. You can do great videography and photography like DSLR from iPhone itself.

Make these changes in camera format
1. Open the setting to click photos from iPhone to DSLR.
2. After this click on the camera setting.
3. Here you will see many options, click on the formats in these.
4. Now click on high efficiency in the camera capture section.
5. Now click on the camera capture and turn on the Apple Pro.
6. If you are an iPhone 14 user then click on ProRaw Resolution.
7. Click on 48 megapixels here and save it.

record video and slow mo
1. To do the best videography from iPhone, after going to the setting, click on the camera.
2. Now click on the record video section.
3. Here you will get to see many options. Select 4K At 30fps from these.
4. Now after going back, click on the record slow mo section.
5. Here also you will get to see many options from the line. Select 1080p at 240fps from these.
6. Now after saving this setting, do OK.

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record cinematic
People make a small mistake while doing videography and photography with iPhone or any smartphone. If you are an iPhone user, then quickly go to its settings and change the Record Cinematic. If there is a 48mp camera, then after going into it, select 4K at 24ps. Actually the video is made in this format. There are very few people who pay attention to it. After doing these 3 settings, you can do photography and videography like DSLR from iPhone.


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