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Phone Overheating: If the smartphone is getting hot again and again, then follow these tips, it will help in increasing the speed


Overheating in Android phone causes many problems.
Do not charge the phone for a long time to avoid overheating. Due to this the phone starts heating up.
Put a back cover on the phone, as well as keep the background app closed. There are many ways to prevent the phone from overheating.

New Delhi. From ordering everyday household items online to email, today’s phone helps with all kinds of tasks. If there is any fault in the mobile then it seems that life has come to a standstill. Even if there is a heat problem in the mobile, it still feels uncomfortable. If the phone starts heating up then all the problems start in the mobile. You can neither talk nor watch any video continuously. Apart from this, no heavy app is also downloaded. Let us understand why there is a heat problem in mobile and how it can be got rid of.

Use of Original Charger: First of all, do not use duplicate charger in mobile. Often people do not buy the original charger when the charger or USB cable is bad. To save a little money, people start using duplicate charger or USB. Duplicate charger or USB can cause the phone to overheat. Not only this, the battery can also get damaged.

Avoid charging for long periods of time
If the phone is heating up, then it should be avoided to charge continuously. It is not that once the phone is installed, it can charge 100 percent completely. You can also use it by charging 90 or 80 percent.

use phone cover
The phone cover should be used to protect the phone from overheating. Due to this the phone will not get as hot as it is without the cover. Having a cover will also protect the phone.

Reduce background app usage
There are many types of apps in mobile which keep running continuously. You can also stop using the phone to prevent it from heating up. That is, it has to be turned off by going to the setting.

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