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Phone not charging even after spending hours on charging? Try these 5 tricks at home before going to the service center!

Android smartphones are used by many people nowadays. Charging is required to run the phone and this is a very common process. People use the phone and put it on charging when the battery runs out. Everything is going fine, but many times suddenly it happens that the phone remains connected to the charger. But, charging is not happening. That’s when the real problem occurs. But, if this ever happens to you, do not panic, we are going to tell you how to fix it here.


Reboot the phone: This is the first and easiest step that you should take. On restarting the phone, it refreshes the core components of your phone and kills all background services. In such a situation, any minor problem goes away just like that. (Image- ShutterStock)


Turn on the phone in safe mode: If your phone is not charging even after restarting it. So try to start the phone in safe mode. Any downloaded third party app will not work in this mode. If you are able to charge the phone in this mode, then you can find out that the problem was being caused by a third party app. To enter Safe Mode in Android, you have to press and hold the power button, then when the Power off button appears, press and hold it. Sometimes its process is different in different phones. (Image- ShutterStock)


Try another cable, socket or adapter: Sometimes the phone is not the problem. Only the cable is damaged or not connected properly. Similarly, the adapter has also been damaged many times. Or sometimes there is no proper power supply in the socket. In this case, try changing them. (Image- ShutterStock)


Check if there is any software bug: If you phone is charging but not charging or charging but icon is not visible. So it could be a software bug. To know this, you can download a free app named Ampere. If there is any problem then you can factory reset the phone. (Image- ShutterStock)


Clean the charging port: If the Ampere app shows that your phone is not charging. So you can also try cleaning the charging port. Sometimes dirt also affects charging. If this work is not done by you, then you can also go directly to the service center, get the battery and other components checked there as well. Also see that the phone is not wet. (Image- ShutterStock)


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