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Phone gets spoiled soon due to cold! Battery damage to screen and speaker, always follow these tips

new Delhi. Excessive cold reduces the life of your smartphone. It is true that smartphones are made according to cold and heating conditions. For example, the iPhone continues to function in temperatures between -20° and 113° Fahrenheit. But the truth is also that staying in extreme heating or cold temperature for a long time reduces the life of the smartphone. Means the smartphone which could last for 4 years, its life can be reduced to 2 years. Also, on many occasions the phone can be turned off or freeze. Apple recommends operating the smartphone at a minimum temperature of minus 4 degrees and a maximum temperature of 32° Fahrenheit.

What difference does it make on the phone when it is too cold and hot?
When lithium-ion batteries are exposed to cold temperatures, their performance degrades. When it is cold, the battery of the phone runs out quickly. According to the report, not only the battery of the phone but also its LCD screen gets damaged in extreme cold. The glass surfaces of smartphones are prone to cracking and chipping in icy temperatures. In the same cold temperature, the glass on the back of the iPhone can also break. Apart from this, due to fog in winter, your phone’s speaker gets damaged. Because the speaker can get damaged due to moisture in winter.

prevent phone freeze
Do not leave the smartphone in a very cold place.
In the cold, the smartphone should be kept in the person’s pocket, so that it gets some body heat.
The phone should be turned off at night in the cold.
Try keeping the smartphone in a warm jacket in the cold.
You can also keep the smartphone with a good cover in the cold. This will keep its temperature right.
It is better to keep the phone connected to a power bank during long trips.


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