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Phantom threat. Someone is throwing strikes on a Destiny video

No one really knows how YouTube works. Sometimes life goes on as usual, and sometimes the site administration starts to punish users out of the blue. Recently, a strange case of this kind happened to fans (and even authors) of the multiplayer shooter Destiny.



On Reddit , people began to actively complain about the strange, unfounded strikes in which the videos they posted were mired. Since the videos were about (or used footage from) a sci-fi action movie, some gamers suggested that Bungie or its partners were to blame. Say, the authors beat people who violated some rights.

But it was not there. Employees of the company released a statement denying the allegations. Their alibis are simple and solid: warnings also began to fly to the developers. Videos uploaded to the official Destiny channels were also affected. At the time of writing, the attacker has not yet been found.

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