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Pet cat dies in cold, anger spreads against conductor, 3 lakh people demand his removal from job

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Uproar after the death of the cat (symbolic picture)Image Credit source: Pixabay

The death of a pet cat has become a threat to a conductor’s job. More than 3 lakh people have come together in the case of the death of this pet cat and are demanding that the conductor be removed from his job, holding him responsible for the death. However, after the incident, the company has apologized and also promised that it will change its rules for animals.

The incident is from Russia. More than 3 lakh people in Russia have signed a petition demanding the removal of a Russian train conductor from his job after he threw a pet cat out of the train thinking it was a stray. The white and fawn tom cat, known as Twix, escaped from her carrier on January 11 while traveling between Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg.

Cat searching in 0 degree temperature

A conductor caught hold of the cat and forced it out of the train while it was stopped in the city of Kirov, east of Moscow.

On the other hand, hundreds of people joined the search for the missing cat in temperatures below 0. After about a week, on January 20, she was found dead, about half a mile away from the railway track, where the conductor had left her. Volunteers told that Twix the cat died due to extreme cold and during this time he was also bitten by many animals.

Refusal to take action against the culprit

After this incident, there was widespread anger in Russia and thousands of people expressed their displeasure over this incident on social media accounts. Others shared viral footage of a cat being thrown into the snow in temperatures of -22 Fahrenheit (-30 Celsius).

When news of the case was published online yesterday, January 19, a separate petition demanding criminal charges against the conductor was signed by more than one lakh people on Sunday. However, local authorities have so far refused to prosecute the conductor, whose name has not been publicly disclosed.

The company apologized, will change the rules

Russia’s state train operator RZhD said in a statement that it “deeply regretted” Twix’s death, and promised that the department would change its rules on how employees should treat unaccompanied animals.

“We deeply regret the death of Twix the cat and apologize to its owners,” the company said in a statement released on social media. It also said, “To ensure that such incidents do not happen again in future, amendments are already being made to the documents used for carrying pets in long distance trains. Now conductors will be banned from taking animals down from the trains. Also, such animals will be handed over to the station employees.”

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