Monday, March 4, 2024

Periscopic lens and flagship sensor Images: Details about iPhone 16 Pro Max reported insider

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Details about the camera of the flagship smartphone Apple, which will be called iPhone 16 Pro Max, published famous insider Digital Chat Station.

He confirmed last year’s information that the main camera will receive images from the flagship sensor Sony IMX903 optical format 1/1,14 inches, resolution 48 MP. Digital Chat Station added that the sensor will be equipped with two-layer transistors, 14-bit ACP and a system of double conversion coefficient of amplification (DCG), which converts the light signal into electrical signal taking into account the level of illumination of the subject being captured.

The smartphone will also be equipped with a periscopic teleobjective, although the maximum value of the optical zoom has not yet been determined.

Presentation iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected in September this year, if Apple will stick to the chosen schedule.

Digital Chat Station was the first to report the exact specifications and date of release of Redmi K60 and Xiaomi 14.

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