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Peregrine Moon Lander: America-NASA’s dream broken! After 50 years, the lander that went to the moon ‘died’ on Earth!

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Peregrine Moon Lander Update: America’s failed Moon mission has crashed on Earth. After a long gap of almost 50 years, on January 8, America made a historic flight to land on the moon. With the help of Vulcan Centaur rocket from a private manufacturer named United Launch Alliance (ULA). NASA The Peregrine 1 lunar lander was delivered to orbit, but a few hours after launch the mission went wrong.

Astrobotic, which is giving updates related to the mission, has said that it has lost contact with the Peregrine Lander. Which means that the lander has made re-entry into the South Pacific Ocean late at night in a controlled manner. The company has said that it is waiting for confirmation from government institutions.

What went wrong with the mission?

A few hours after the mission was launched, a propulsion glitch occurred. Due to this, the solar panels of the Peregrine lander could not be focused towards the Sun. This also caused damage to the outer part of the spacecraft.

Nasa had spent a huge amount

Nasa had spent 100 million dollars for this mission. Through the Peregrine 1 lunar lander, NASA wanted to gather information about the composition of the moon’s surface and radiation in the atmosphere of the landing site. Obviously the failure of the mission would have dealt a blow to NASA’s hopes.

End of another private mission

This is not the first time that a private company tried to land on the moon and failed. First of all, in April 2019, Israel’s Bearish lander crashed on the surface of the moon. In April last year, the Hukato mission of Japanese company iSpace had crashed on the moon.

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