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Pepsi to deliver cold drinks in Tesla’s electric truck

Elon Musk, chief executive of American electric car maker Tesla, has delivered the company’s first heavy duty semi truck to global cola company PepsiCo. However, Musk has not received any information about the pricing or production of this cargo truck.

Musk present at the event organized at Tesla’s plant Told That the battery-powered long-distance truck will reduce emissions on the highway. He said that it is better than diesel trucks in power and safety. It uses a fast charging technology that will also be in Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck pickup. “If you’re a trucker and want a great vehicle on the road, this is for you,” Musk said. He pointed out that Tesla had announced the development of an all-electric truck about five years ago and industry experts were apprehensive whether battery-powered electric trucks would be able to travel hundreds of miles with heavy loads.

Tesla has not announced the price of the semi truck. It is also not known how many units of this truck will be delivered to PepsiCo and other customers. Tesla said it would use the truck to transport parts to its plant in Fremont, California. The company said a few years ago that the 300-mile range version of this truck would cost around $150,000 and the 500-mile version would cost $180,000. However, since then the prices of Tesla’s passenger electric vehicles have increased significantly.

Recently Musk had said that he is looking for low cost cars in India. manufacturing intend to do. He said during the ongoing G-20 summit in Indonesia that he is considering a proposal to make Tesla’s low-cost model for markets like India and Indonesia. Earlier this year, the central government in India turned down Musk’s request for tax exemption on Tesla’s electric cars. There was strong opposition from the automobile industry in India to give such tax exemption. In this regard, the industry said that this would harm the companies manufacturing cars in the country. The government said that under the rules, the assembling of vehicles in the country is already less taxed. Tesla was also invited by some Indian states to set up units. These states included Punjab, Telangana, West Bengal and Maharashtra.

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