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People who are secretly downloading these movies from Telegram! Somewhere you are not doing it too, maybe jail

Telegram Users: Telegram has become a platform that is becoming very popular among users, the reason behind this is the content on it which is a topic of discussion and people are also downloading it indiscriminately.

Telegram Film Leak: Telegram is considered to be the most secure chatting app in India and it also has features that compete with WhatsApp. Till some time ago Telegram was used only for chatting and messaging but now it is being used for a different purpose. In fact, people on Telegram are now getting active for each other’s work and when their work is done, they delete it. Actually this job is to watch movies for which Telegram has become quite popular in the recent past. However, because of the films we are talking about, you may even have to go to jail because watching them is a complete crime.

Which are those movies which can be jailed for watching on telegram

As you know that video piracy is a crime in India and watching and sharing pirated movies also comes under this. When a new film comes in the market, its pirated copy becomes available on Telegram within a few days. To watch these movies, people use Telegram and download and share them fiercely.

If you make a mistake then you can be jailed

If a latest movie has been uploaded on your Telegram account and you are downloading and sharing it, then you may have to go to jail too. It is completely illegal to do so and it causes a lot of damage to the filmmaker, in such a situation, strict rules have been made for this mistake which can land you in jail, so you should avoid watching and sharing such movies.

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