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People of this city running 5G network since 2021, you would not know


  • 5G network is available here since last year
  • There is no network problem in these cities
  • Internet speed is also here

New Delhi. 5G connectivity is still like a dream in India. The preparations for its launch are going on in full swing, but till now no information has been received about when it will knock in India. Smartphone companies are also now launching smartphones with 5G technology, but so far 5G technology has not reached India. This technology has not come in India, it does not mean that any country in the world is deprived of this technology. Let us tell you that 12 countries of the world are offering 5G network from the year 2021. Many cities in these countries are equipped with 5G connectivity. Today we are going to tell you about them.

5G technology being available in these countries

Let us tell you that China is the country with the most spread of 5G technologies. Always saying because 5G connectivity has been launched in 341 cities of China and these cities are enjoying high speed internet and excellent calling. The second name in this list is that of United States whose 279 cities have become equipped with 5G connectivity. The third name in this list is South Korea, whose 85 cities are offering 5G connectivity.

There is only one city difference between the fourth and fifth positions in the list, where 54 cities in the United Kingdom are equipped with 5G connectivity, while 53 cities in Spain are taking advantage of this facility. 49 cities in Canada, while 37 cities in Australia and Saudi Arabia have joined this list.

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5G connectivity is being offered in 35 cities in Italy, 24 in France, 24 in Thailand and finally in 21 cities in Sweden, allowing people to stay in touch with their friends and relatives seamlessly.


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