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People of Pakistan may feel the current of inflation, diesel prices may go up to Rs 200 / liter

Diesel Price In Pakistan: Diesel prices in Pakistan may be on fire. According to local reports, the price of diesel in Pakistan can go beyond Rs 200 per liter. If this happens then this will be the first time when diesel will be so expensive in Pakistan. In fact, due to the rise in the prices of crude oil in the international market and the sharp fall in the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar, for the first time in Pakistan, the price of diesel may cross Rs 200 per liter.

The new government of Pakistan will either have to make diesel costlier by Rs 60.54 per liter or will have to make a provision of subsidy on it to sell it at the current rate. If the government chooses to increase the price, then the price of diesel per liter will increase to Rs 204.69.

new government challenge
In fact, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had frozen the prices of petrol and diesel with a reduction of Rs 10 per liter till the announcement of the budget for 2022-23. The previous Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government had kept petroleum prices under control since mid-March, leading to an increase in the subsidy bill on petroleum products by Rs 30 billion in the first fortnight of April.

What will the new government do
If the current government Imran Khan If it follows the policy of the government, then it will have to make a provision of another 30 billion rupees as subsidy from 16 to 30 April. If there is no change in fuel prices, it will have to bear the subsidy burden of 60 billion rupees. The depreciation of the rupee against the US dollar has also had an impact, due to which the prices of petroleum products have increased by Rs 5.54 per liter or 3.03 per cent.

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