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People held hostage at Apple Store in Netherlands, demanded $ 20 million in cryptocurrency

You must have heard or read many tales of cybercrime in the world of cryptocurrency till now, but the latest anecdote related to crypto crisis is very filmy and serious, which you will also be surprised to read. The latest news agency report revealed that a customer and employee were held hostage for several hours at an Apple Store in Amsterdam. The criminal demanded $ 20 million in cryptocurrency in exchange for the release of the hostages.

news agency IANS report (via Business Insider), a 27-year-old man took a customer and employee of Apple’s flagship store hostage at gunpoint. The incident happened last Tuesday, when an unidentified man wearing camopolis gear fired a gun after entering an Apple Store. After this, one of the many customers present in that store was taken hostage.

Amsterdam Police on Wednesday Tweet Sharing information through The tweet read (translated) “Suspect has been taken to hospital. At the moment, we are still conducting extensive research at the Apple Store in Leedsplein.”

The Verge’s Report It tells that the police who reached the spot hit the running suspect with an armored BMW X5, after which the criminal fell to the ground and remained unconscious. After this, the police searched for that person through robot, in doubt that he did not have any kind of explosives.

The report further says that according to the police, the criminal demanded $200 million (about Rs 1,492 crore) in cryptocurrencies. Along with this, he also asked for a way out of that Apple Store in a safe way. However, after this the criminal demanded water, after which the police sent water inside the store through a robot, and taking advantage of the opportunity, the criminal fled from there. After this, the police hit the car and dropped it.

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