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People did equity trading fiercely to earn in lockdown, demat account crossed 10 crores

Demat Account: In the year 2020, due to increasing corona virus infection and lockdown, people lost their jobs, business came to a standstill. Trading in the stock market became the best way to earn from homeStock Market Trading, The trend of such people sitting at home increased towards stock trading. Apart from this, the youth also started taking interest in the stock market. Means decided to invest in direct stocks to earn better returns than mutual funds. When you day-trading in stocks (Day-Trading) then the profit or loss comes to your bank account by evening. This is the reason that 4,88,00,000 demat accounts were opened between March 2020 and March 2022.
There are two depositories in the country- CDSL and NSDL. The number of demat accounts opened with CDSL was 2 crore in January 2020 which increased to 7 crore in August 2022. If you look at NSDL and CDSL together, the number of demat accounts in the country has now crossed 10 crores.

No. of Demat Accounts (in lakhs)

March 2017 279
March 2018 319
March 2019 359
March 2020 409
March 2021 551
March 2022 897
August 2022 1,000
(Including CDSL and NSDL)

Indian stock market gave great returns

On March 3, 2020, the BSE Sensex was at the level of 38623. The Sensex was at the level of 59,352.27 at the time of writing the news. On 19 October 2021, the Sensex set a new record high by touching the level of 62245.43. If an investor had also invested through Sensex ETFs of Mutual Funds, they would have become rich. Let us take the example of SBI S&P BSE Sensex ETF. If you had invested Rs 10,000 in it on March 3, 2020, it would have become Rs 16,135 as of today. Means total profit of 61.36 percent and annual return of 20.61 percent.

Stocks give excellent returns in the long term

Talk to any financial advisor, he will advise you that you should invest in equities i.e. stocks to create wealth in the long term. If you are knowledgeable then you can select the stocks by yourself and invest in them. If you are not aware of share market then there are mutual funds to make your job easy. Mutual fund products are available in the market for different time periods and risk appetite. So you also open a demat account and start your journey of investing in shares.

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